Living Our Mission

I am often heard to say that one of the reasons I am so proud to work among our amazing associates, is that they truly live our Mission of making a positive impact on people’s lives. One of these associates is Bill Johnson, from our Winchester Branch.

When asked about Bill, Troy Barrett, Winchester Branch Manager, told us that “whether in his former role as Warehouse Manager, or in his current position as Branch Operations Manager, Bill Johnson exemplifies our mission statement every day.  Bill never takes short cuts to jeopardize our integrity, and I am proud to have Bill as an associate to help guide and be a good example for our staff.”

These attributes were exemplified again recently at the Branch, when a customer’s father suddenly experienced a heart attack while picking up some supplies.  Bill jumped right into action, coming to the customer’s aid, then placing him in his car, and driving him to the emergency room.  The customer experienced two more cardiac episodes while en route to the hospital, but due to Bill’s quick thinking and actions, the doctors were able to stabilize him and save the life of this customer.

When asked about the incident, in typical fashion, Bill simply responded, “I done what anyone else would have done.”

Please join me in recognizing Bill as an outstanding associate who truly lives our mission every day!