Controlling The Controllables

Last month, while preparing for a company Town Hall, my 13-year-old son, Hunt, approached me to discuss what occurred earlier that afternoon in his football team’s overtime loss. In rewatching the game, he mentioned that the blitzing linebackers disrupted him as this is new to him at quarterback as well as the offensive line at this level of play.

One expression I share with associates is “controlling the controllables.” Hunt and I talked about how he could better prepare for the blitz including knowing the playbook inside and out, understanding his first and second reads, and when to tuck the ball and run. For Hunt, these are controllables he can control to make himself a better player and teammate.

I shared this story with associates the next day in the Town Hall when discussing the importance of a strong finish to this challenging year. The message to our associates was: if we communicate clearly with one another and our customers, anticipate needs, embrace challenges, and deliver on our promises; together we can control our controllables.

Colleagues ask my thoughts on the economy in 2024. Like many, I am unsure. However, my nature is to remain optimistic because all we can do is the best we can do at controlling the controllables and when we do that, good things consistently happen.