It Begins Within

It Begins Within is Lansing’s theme for 2024.

I had the opportunity to share its meaning with our Branch Leadership and Outside Sales Representatives at our National Meetings.  This message builds on True Blue, 12 specific, actionable behaviors that bring focus to how each Lansing associate can live out our values of Respect, Service, and Excellence in their respective role.

Making each day better begins within us. Taking steps to improve is about making it personal.

Our associates inspire me by making me think deeper and look wider. Living our True Blue behavior of being Open, Honest, and Humble challenges me to improve to be a better leader.

Lansing is a 69-year old third generation family business. This legacy requires me to think about the direction we steer as a company, and how we make each day better for our associates, customers, and suppliers.

As I visit different branches, I see associates living the True Blue spirit and embracing the 12 behaviors in their actions.

Living True Blue will continue to make a meaningful difference in our business.

It starts with each and every one of us.

It begins within.

Learn more about It Begins Within in this video: