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Although most people may not notice the columns on a home as quickly as they do the doors or windows, columns are an integral part of any home’s design. That’s why Lansing offers column styles that blend as seamlessly with classic architecture as well as contemporary homes. And because columns are also an essential structural element, their material and how they’re constructed is even more critical. Lansing offers pillars of strength designed to last as long as the home they’re supporting, with the least amount of maintenance for the homeowner.

Premier Vendors

Digger Specialties Columns

First impressions leave an impact. Lasting impressions result when various features are combined to achieve a stunning effect. Digger’s wide selection of color, texture, and design options complement stone, brick, or vinyl, creating that lasting first impression.

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HB&G Columns

Columns are the distinguishing mark on a home’s exterior. With HB&G’s PermaCast® Columns, you will have a more consistent wall thickness and a smooth surface from column to column due to the latest technology that’s used in our production facility in Troy, Alabama. HB&G’s proprietary formulation provides you with a stronger column that is more damage resistant than the competition.

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Column Crafters

Column Crafters® continually strives for innovation and perfection with all their product lines.  They are committed to manufacturing high quality, low maintenance columns, allowing our customers the ability to add distinct curb appeal for years to come.


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