Accomplishing a Goal Together

In 2019, Lansing introduced Vision 2025 to our associates, three long-term goals for us to accomplish together:

*Being a Best-in-Class Place to Work and Build a Career

*Providing a Best-in-Class Customer Experience

*Achieve $1.5 billion in sales

This past Tuesday, Lansing surpassed $1.5 billion in sales for 2022, accomplishing part three of Vision 2025.  This a remarkable achievement we believed would take five years to accomplish, yet we have reached this milestone in just three years.

As I reflect on this phenomenal year, I am reminded of the incredible people that are a vital part of this amazing company.  People make the difference. I am especially proud that in our most recent annual associate survey, 85% of our associates agree that Lansing is a great place to work.

In addition to Lansing associates, we are fortunate to have customers and suppliers who are highly supportive and have been integral to our success since our founding in 1955.  I am energized by our accomplishments and know our future is bright.

Thank you for making a difference at Lansing!