We are True Blue

Spending time with associates at our National Meetings highlights the start of my year.

The Sales and Operations meetings in January provide an opportunity for us to celebrate, learn, and plan for how we will achieve our 2023 goals. This year’s events featured keynote presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and guest speakers to help associates develop themselves and others. They also included tremendous community service and networking opportunities, which bring our people closer together and strengthen our culture.

We also used these meetings to introduce True Blue, 12 specific, actionable behaviors that bring focus to how each Lansing associate can live out our values of Respect, Service, and Excellence in their respective role.

It is vital to know how to model the values within our Mission. Spelling out what True Blue means will bring clarity, understanding, and a shared language throughout Lansing. As we grow and welcome more outstanding people into the Lansing family, maintaining consistent action is how we will preserve and strengthen our unique and valuable culture into the future. Our people make the difference. When we stay true to our Mission and values, our collective leadership elevates and many things are possible.

Together, we will continue to deliver Respect, Service, and Excellence.

We are True Blue.

Learn more about True Blue in this two-minute video: