The Lansing Positive Impact Podcast

Over the past several months, we have gathered a lot of information about how to improve internal communications at Lansing Building Products.  This comes from associates’ direct feedback over the past two years in the Great Place to Work® survey.

One focus area included building community through communication tools. A great number of associates requested that they would like to connect and hear more from different leaders within the Lansing family.

We are excited to launch our own internal podcast: “The Lansing Positive Impact Podcast.”

The name of course ties in with our purpose of making a positive impact in people’s lives, which is the goal in the listening experience through the sharing of personal stories and experiences.

This month I kicked off the podcast sitting down with Lansing Communications Specialist Wes McElroy to discuss why I so highly value the Great Place to Work™ survey and the perspectives offered by our associates, my feelings about being the dad of a high school graduate, and reflecting on what I have learned from my father and former Lansing President & CEO Chris Lansing including learning more about Lansing founder “Grandpa Ted” Lansing.

I enjoyed being part of the first podcast and look forward to hearing more of the unique sit-down conversations with our associates sharing their story and perspective – and how they fulfill our Purpose of making a positive impact in the lives of others.