The Team The Team The Team

The official seating capacity is 107,601 making it the largest college football stadium in the country. In 2013 when Michigan played Notre Dame it set a record and attracted 115,109 fans. My recent behind the scenes tour of “The Big House” lived up to it’s hype – it really is the Big House!

What I found within the stadium was something bigger than the big house. Michigan Football’s culture of the “The Team” instilled by Coach Bo Schembechler is painted on three consecutive concrete trusses visible as one is entering the field.  The clear and singular message was inspirational to me and served as a reminder of the power of a team.  I thought about the Lansing Team and how we work and function each day to serve each other and our customers.  The framework of a team applies to all facets of life – no one part or individual is greater than the whole.  Our success as a business will always come back to our Associates and how well we work as a team.  My trip to the Big House reminded me of how privileged I am to be a part of a team that strives for excellence in everything we do.