The Lansing Foundation Advisory Board

The Lansing Foundation started in 2017 with our family’s belief: “where much is given, much is required.” Today, the Foundation is a great example of how we serve our purpose of making a positive impact in people’s lives.

I am excited to announce our Lansing Foundation Advisory Board for 2023, led by new President Mike Denwood.  Mike continues to be a dedicated example of service on the Advisory Board as well as in Hyannis, where next month marks his 38th year of service with the company.

The 2023 Lansing Foundation Advisory Board includes:

  • Mike Denwood, President – Inside Sales Representative, Hyannis*
  • April Smith, Vice President – Recruiting Manager, Home Office
  • Amanda Schoffstall – Branch Operations Manager, Richmond
  • Carolyn Sarosi – Finance Supervisor, Home Office
  • Derek Beaulac – Inside Sales Representative, Fitchburg*
  • Eric Arnsbarger – Central Operations Advisor, Home Office
  • Isaac Melendez-Sanchez – Warehouse Manager, Berlin*
  • Keila Walker – Sales Training Specialist, Home Office
  • Stacy Boatwright – Accounts Payable Supervisor, Home Office
  • Taylor Adams – Central Operations Advisor, Home Office*

*2nd year on Advisory Board

A special thank you goes to outgoing Advisory Board members President Toccara Gruber (Home Office), Amber Castrataro (Home Office), Heath Hornsby (Chattanooga), Luis Garcia (West Palm Beach), and Lauren Kirchberger (Home Office) for their commitment to the Foundation over the past two years. Their outstanding leadership and fundraising efforts propelled the Foundation forward and set us up for future success.

To learn more about the Foundation, please visit: Lansing Foundation – From little seeds grow mighty trees.

Thank you,