The ProSales 100 is an annual report distributors of building products participate in that is organized and produced by Hanley Wood.  It is primarily a ranking based on annual revenue.  Earlier this week, Hanley Wood reported Lansing Building Products moved up one spot from the year before and is now the 15th largest distributor of building products in the country.  Rankings, statistics and revenue growth compared to our peers and competitors is relevant and useful data.  What’s far more important to know is the story and metric Hanley Wood did not report or measure.

As a privately held family business for over 62 years, Lansing Building Products promotes and maintains a strong culture of personal growth and top line growth.  Our Associates are the best in the industry because they are talented, passionate and competitive.  We foster and embrace competition and the competitive nature of our people.  This is a driver for our business.  Growing and expanding lives within our culture because of our desire to provide our Associates new opportunities within the company.  At Lansing, personal growth and top line growth have been engrained throughout our culture and while they are different forms of growth, they are directly related and critical to our long term success.

It would be challenging for Hanley Wood to accurately measure the impact of a company’s culture and whether it is growing or deteriorating.  The story of Lansing Building Products and our #15 ranking is simply an indicator of staying true to our culture.  Lansing will continue to climb the list but the most critical part of the journey is that our culture travels with us.

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