Meet Kenny

The look in his eye as I entered the Birmingham Branch told me to grab the other end of the box of Royal Crest to help him complete an order for the loop truck.  It was the end of the day and our Birmingham Warehouse Manager, Kenneth Speight, “Kenny” was full of energy and enthusiasm as he moved about the warehouse to complete his day’s work.  Deliveries and drive thru orders for tomorrow were strategically placed, wrapped and squared off.  Loop truck orders looked the same – perfectly beautiful and ready to go.  I wasn’t surprised to find the finished product looking this way.  Earlier that morning when I first walked into Kenny’s warehouse, I noticed a white board with daily and weekly reminders including: “clean as you go”, “no loose pieces” and “check your assigned area”.  I was immediately impressed by his focus and the way the warehouse looked so clean.

As I travel throughout the company and meet Associates such as Kenny, I am grateful for their commitment of delivering excellence.  I am continually reminded of the outstanding teammates we have that contribute each day to making Lansing great.  Thank you Kenny for living our mission statement and embracing our culture!