Making A Positive Impact In The Lives Of Others

On the morning of March 12, a violent tornado tore through Marion County, Florida.

It took only mere minutes for the 110mph winds of the twister to cause an estimated $15 million of damage.

A few days following the storm, associate Justin Kenzior, Window Department Manager of our Ocala branch, reached out to make me aware of the acts of kindness by one of our loyal customers, Todd Deeley of Quality Home Renovations.

Immediately following the storm, Mr. Deeley contacted Justin to inform him that he had full access to equipment should anyone need immediate clean up.

After Mr. Deeley cleared storm damage for a relative, he then, unsolicited, used his weekend to clean up other areas of Ocala including spending over 5 hours clearing the property of an elderly woman out of concern should she have to evacuate or if EMS needed access.

Later when the woman tried to offer him money for his work, Deeley politely refused, leaving her overcome with emotion by his random act of compassion.

In pursuing our purpose of making a positive impact in the lives of others, we are also extremely proud of our partners who do the same for their customers and those in their community.

On behalf of all of us at Lansing, especially those in Ocala, we salute Todd Deeley and our friends at Quality Home Renovations.

photo credit Justin Kenzior, Ocala