Learning and Living Our Mission

The Mission of Lansing Building Products is more than just words on paper.

We ask all our associates to memorize the Mission – not as a job requirement, but to recognize that Respect, Service, and Excellence lay the foundation for everything we do at Lansing.

Recently on a branch visit to Newport News, VA, I met Vinny Guzzardi, a new CDL driver.

Branch Manager Gary Updike shared a story that on one of Vinny’s first days, he was unable to recite our Mission in a meeting.

Vinny realized in the moment how valued our Mission is and vowed to study it that night.

The next morning, Gary offered a challenge that should Vinny deliver the Mission word-for-word, he would earn a brand-new Lansing branch ball cap.

Off by two words, Vinny informed Gary: “I’m coming for that hat tomorrow.”

The next day Vinny delivered our Mission to perfection.

Days later, Vinny offered the challenge that if all Warehouse Associates and Drivers dedicated themselves to learning the Mission and were able to recite it within a week, Gary would have to treat for lunch.

Last week, the branch enjoyed cheesesteaks compliments of their Branch Manager and for his efforts in team building teaching the Mission, Vinny is our first-ever Associate of the Month in Newport News.

As Gary noted in seeing Vinny’s passion, it was not just about the hat or a lunch, but his dedication to being a part of the Lansing family.

That story has stayed with me, as I appreciate the pride our associates take in all aspects of their jobs. This includes learning and living our Mission in everything they do, as we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of others.