LBP Cincinnati

With 45 colors of stocked Mastic gutter coil, a spacious training room, a nationally celebrated and world class showroom, multiple profiles and colors of Royal Siding followed by 17 colors of stocked James Hardie and you’d find yourself in our Cincinnati Branch.  But I haven’t mentioned the most impressive part I saw when I traveled there earlier this week – the passionate and hardworking Lansing Team led by our Branch Manager, Kevin Richter.

In Lansing’s 62 year history there is one thing that has never changed – our belief and understanding that no matter what, our People will always make the difference.  While impressive inventories, stunning showrooms and state of the art operating systems are a part of our formula for success, they do not and will not ever take the place of the value and impact our People make.  Lansing is fortunate to have the best People and our Cincinnati Team is no exception.  As we start the spring selling season, I am excited about the direction we are heading in and the opportunities in front of us.  Keep up the great work Cincinnati Team!  Thank you for all that you do.