Kings of the QC

In an effort of keeping peace with King George III, the area’s settlers named their beloved town, Charlotte, naturally after the King’s wife. Located in the county of Mecklenburg along the Catawba River in south central North Carolina, Charlotte became known as the “Queen City” and in today’s culture where many things are abbreviated, it is often times referred to as “The QC”.  In a recent trip to our Charlotte branch I was able to spend time with our outstanding team.  Walking through the warehouse and catching up with old friends was a treat but observing the disciplined approach in the way our team receives, handles and pulls material was like watching a carefully executed third down play.  To the untrained eye, 11 players on a field moving in many different directions can look chaotic but upon closer examination each player is filling a critical role.  Warehouse manager, Dave Colony, remarked “towards the end of the day the sounds of friendly banter are replaced by forklifts, trucks and an overall heightened level of activity.  We know how to get the job done”.  That statement along with purpose and discipline sums up the way we operate in Charlotte.  When it comes to performance and doing things right, there are no abbreviations or cutting corners – it’s about delivering excellence and the Charlotte team consistently does it right.