Happy Mother’s Day

My wife, Stephanie, underwent knee surgery last month to repair a torn ACL.

To help during her recovery, I volunteered to take over meal planning, carpool driving, and coordinating the after-school activities of our three children.

Two days into this frenetic routine quickly reminded me how much effort, love, and organization Stephanie puts in daily to make our house run so smoothly.

My mom, Erlynn, encouraged my siblings and me at an early age to always have a grateful heart, so I would like to take this opportunity as Mother’s Day approaches to thank our Lansing mothers for the way you balance your at-home responsibilities and your professional obligations.

You juggle an exceedingly difficult daily challenge with such discipline, focus, and strength.

A great gift Mom taught us is the importance of respecting others, which is at the heart of our Lansing Mission statement, and why it is so important to treat everyone with kindness, no matter what the situation. In her words: kindness helps us better understand the world and those around us.

Please take the opportunity this Sunday to give thanks to mothers for their time, their lessons, and their gifts.

Happy Mother’s Day to all,