Find Time To Better Your Best

September marks an exciting time of the year: back to school.

My views did not always match that, especially when I found myself completing summer reading only days before school started.

Even after graduating college, I did not fully understand that life is about consistently learning and improving.

However, with time comes perspective.

As our children, Kate, Hunt, and Hampton, return to school, this time of year also becomes one of refocus and learning for me in my role at work and at home.

At Lansing Building Products, our commitment to our people includes professional development opportunities such as a focus on career growth with Lansing Achieve, the Mentor program, along with preparing new people leaders in our new Management Fundamentals program.

Delivering excellence begins with our people and how we best equip them with resources makes the difference, as we strive to be a best-in-class place to work and build a career.

By nature, people are curious. Curiosity leads to seeking information, which leads to training. That is learning.

A message I often pass along to our kids, as well as our associates, is to “make each day better.”

I encourage you to find time in your daily lives to better your best.

Best wishes to all students returning to the classroom and thank you to the teachers sparking their growth and development.