Encouraging Ideas

Innovation is a focus area for our company based on feedback we received in last year’s Great Place To Work® Survey. One of our associates put it very well: “Every associate influences our day-to-day operations, and you never know where our next breakthrough might come or whose idea created it.” With that in mind, we recently launched “Lansing Innovate,” a company-wide program for our associates to share their ideas.

Innovative ideas can create more value for our customers, save us time and money, and strengthen our culture in key areas like safety and technology. Often, the best ideas come from those who are closest to the work. While innovation often starts small, those ideas can have a significant impact, particularly if they can be applied throughout our business.

I am excited to see how our associates embrace innovation and we plan to have some fun in recognizing the great ideas that will surface, including recognizing and awarding fun prizes to quarterly winners and determining an annual Lansing Innovator of the Year. This is just another way we are committed to making each day better at Lansing in our pursuit of excellence.