Developing Yourself and Others: Reasonable Expectations

This month I traveled to our Florida Regional Meeting to spend time connecting with associates from Lansing’s 10 branches in the state.

The visit was also an opportunity to show support for new Florida Regional Manager Colby Beckman, who has been delivering excellence since 2015 as a Branch Manager, Sales Training Director, and Regional Manager.

Colby shared a quote from Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin in the meeting, where the 16-year NFL head coach shared “reasonable expectations” with the players. Tomlin challenged his team “to continually be a person on the rise. That is a reasonable expectation; as opposed to someone just coming in here putting in their time.”

Tomlin’s message resonated with me because Developing Yourself and Others is one of Lansing’s True Blue behaviors, the framework of which we deliver on our Purpose of making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Life seems to get busier each day and making time in our schedules feels difficult. Yet, it is a reasonable expectation that I challenge myself and our associates to find time or the opportunity to do one thing to make each day better for themselves and others.

This is one way we can positively impact others.