Cowboy Ike

The framed dollar bills proudly displayed behind Ike’s workstation at our Dallas branch is not a representation of the traditional ‘first sale’ you would commonly see in many places of business. If you know Ike (which I found out everyone in Dallas does) that token reminder is too predictable and boring. “I spend my winnings from John Witt, and I frame my winnings from your Dad” said Ike as we were catching up during my recent trip to Dallas. Needless to say, there have been a handful of $1 bets between these gentlemen on the heated NFC East rivalry: Cowboys vs Redskins. Naturally Ike is a passionate fan of “America’s Team” (I use that term loosely), with John and my Dad being the Redskins fans.

I learned Ike knows when to make a friendly bet but his passion doesn’t end at the star. He is also fanatical about the team he plays a major role in – The Lansing Team. Living our Mission Statement, servicing our customers and assisting them in ways outside the boundaries of our products is the kind of team player he is. Whether you are welcomed with a ‘how bout ‘em’ or a ‘how may I assist you” when you walk into our Dallas branch, one thing is for sure; this Cowboy is truly a Star.