A Powerful Example of Spirit and Strength

Over the years in Lansing warehouses and on job sites, I have met many physically strong people. However, a recent encounter introduced me to two people whose strength seem to be without limits.

Through the Lansing Foundation’s developing relationship with Habitat for Humanity, we were introduced to the story of four-year old, Eleanor, and her mom, Sara.

Despite the painful treatments battling Stage 4 brain cancer, Eleanor keeps up her bright and beautiful spirit listening to Taylor Swift, playing with her Barbie dolls, and dressing up like her favorite Disney princesses.

Right by her side is Sara, an amazing single mother raising and home-schooling Eleanor, and her two older siblings.

Unfortunately, Eleanor’s extensive treatments cause debilitating side effects including reduced mobility which sometimes makes playing hard. In partnership with Habitat, the Lansing Foundation donated a playhouse to Eleanor from Connor’s Heroes Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping families cope with childhood cancer. Myself and our Lansing Executive team, recently, built the 4×6 house, painting it with Eleanor’s favorite colors, and adding in a Frozen theme play kitchen.

Having her own playset allows Eleanor to pretend, play quietly, make jewelry for her friends, and do many things other four-year old girls love to do, despite physical limitations.

Lansing’s purpose is to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Eleanor and Sara’s powerful example of spirit and strength is having a lasting impact on us.

Health and Home for Eleanor and Family (gofundme.com)