• Green Guard

    GreenGuard is committed to providing you with durable, reliable building products that meet your needs—whether you work in residential or commercial construction. Our comprehensive system of products is designed to protect against moisture infiltration and increase energy efficiency, helping you achieve best industry practices. And GreenGuard is green beyond the color. Our products help you meet Green Building requirements to create healthier, more durable, and cost-efficient structures. Trust GreenGuard to supply the proven products, technical expertise, and professional, helpful service to make every project a success.
    • Green Guard Building Wraps

      A Layer of Moisture and Air Protection That Really Performs

      To properly manage moisture in walls, you need a combination of the right building wrap, flashing, and tape. This complete approach keeps water out of the wall system, provides an air barrier, and even breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape. Our full line of building wraps provides plenty of options to fit your particular needs. When combined with our superior butyl flashing and tape, GreenGuard wraps help you reduce the potential for rot, mold, and mildew caused by external water sources.


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  • LOW-E Reflective Insulation

    • LOW E House Wrap

      Insulation and a weather resistive barrier are combined in this ICC approved housewrap. Replaces standard wraps while providing additional thermal performance. Only 3/16” thick, this product utilizes an environmentally friendly core with the benefits of reflective technology. The addition of ESP Low-E® HouseWrap can aid in achieving higher thermal performance for a wall system, helping system meet new code requirements with a 2” x 4” assembly. Roll sizes 4’ x 125’ or 5’ x 100’


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    • LOW E Insulation

      ESP Low-E® Attic Floor & Insulation HouseWrap
      Designed for easy roll out installation over existing mass insulation on attic floor spaces This 1/8” thick lightweight reflective insulation is an environmentally friendly, hypo-allergenic product that provides additional R-value. This perforated product is designed not to trap moisture and improves the mass insulations thermal performance. Roll size 4’ x 125’.

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