Chris’ Corner

Marketing Aids

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over and it is time to think about helping homeowners prepare their homes for the wet and cold weather. For contractors fall is one of the busiest times of the year, and it provides a lot of opportunities. Fortunately, Lansing Building Products Marketing Department is ready to assist you in advertising your company’s services. Here are just a few ways our Marketing Department can help you, our valued customer, grow your business:

  • Door hangers and job signs to use around current job sites so that neighbors know you are in the neighborhood and how to contact you.
  • Direct mail to homes and areas you identify as your ideal customer base.
  • Advertise a special on products, such as windows or gutters, using flyers created by the Lansing Marketing Department.

The list goes on and on! LBP can help grow your business. No matter what your budget is, we can offer solutions to your marketing needs. Contact your local sales rep and ask how Lansing Marketing can assist you in the upcoming fall selling season.


Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

“Summertime, and the living is Easy….” – or so the song goes. During this season folks may still be busy at work, however here and there they are also taking some vacation time and enjoying what’s really important in life — time with our families. Ultimately that’s what it’s all about! It’s why we work so hard. It’s why we do what we do – to provide for our families.

I feel incredibly blessed in life to be surrounded by two incredible families. At the forefront, of course, is my own personal family. The Lansing clan now includes our four grown children (Ted, Hunter, Chase, and Lindsay) and their spouses (Joy, Stephanie, Bliss and Dan). I am also thrilled to be the grandfather of some simply amazing kids – Amelia, Theo, Annie, Kate, Hunt, Cooper, and William Christopher (aka “Captain”). And by the end of July we’ll add another! I cannot begin to put into words the amount of joy, love and laughter they each provide to my life. I’m truly blessed and thankful for each and every one of them.

Particularly at this time of the year our family loves gathering together for summer fun. There’s golf, swimming, fireworks, marvelous food, and one of our ultimate favorites – boating on Lake Gaston. There’s just nothing like it, and it’s such a joy to share in it together. That’s the real point – just to be together sharing stories and experiences; building memories to last a lifetime.

Additionally, I am blessed by my LBP family of associates. I am honored and privileged to work alongside the absolute best in our industry. Each associate puts their heart into their work and daily strives to meet the Lansing Mission of respect, service, and excellence. Many of our associates are truly seasoned veterans, having been a part of our team for 20 – 30 years or more. But we are also excited to have new faces continually joining our ranks as well. They bring a fresh outlook and energy, and we are excited to have our LBP family continue to grow and develop.

I hope you have the opportunity this summer to spend some quality time with your family. They’re what’s really important in life — and why we do what we do.

Happy Birthday, America and Doris Lansing!

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

The beginning of July is always a special time for our family. Obviously there is the 4th of July national celebration of our country’s independence, including great parades, delicious cookouts, baseball games, and amazing fireworks. For the Lansing family, however, we also have the additional celebration of my mother’s (Doris) birthday on July 2. This year she will turn 88 years old. Amazing!

In 1955 my father, Ted Lansing, was a roofing sales representative with CertainTeed Corporation when he learned his largest customer was going out of business. Ted saw this as a great opportunity to start a new roofing supply business. With the blessing of his management at CertainTeed, and tremendous support by my mother, he and two other men formed a partnership trading as Ted Lansing Supply Company. This company would later become the company we know today as Lansing Building Products.

My mother, Doris, provided unfailing encouragement during those early years. Most everything the family did revolved around establishing and growing the business. I recall many afternoons and weekends spent sweeping the warehouse and offices. Dinner conversations routinely centered on what was happening at the office. Although not officially on the payroll, she was an integral part of the fledgling company. There is no doubt in my mind, Lansing Building Products wouldn’t be where it is today without her invaluable contributions throughout the years.

In addition to working hard building the company, my parents definitely had their fun and playful sides. I’m sharing a picture of them appearing on a TV game show from the 50s called “Beat The Clock.” I’ve always thought it was a great capturing of their competitive, joyful, playful natures. They were a great team, and together founded a great company.

Please join me in wishing my mother, Doris, a very, very Happy Birthday!

Lansing Green

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

I wanted to talk a little bit today about our Lansing Green program. It can help you close more sales and grow your business. When you mention either of the two payment options (Same-As-Cash or Zero Interest Loans) to your prospective customers you can close more sales (customers have a better reason to choose you and not a competitor); do larger projects; get more sales leads (through referrals and when you advertise Same-As-Cash); know your customer has a way to pay for the project; and reduce sales appointments and job cancellations.

There are two exciting financing programs that you can offer to homeowners. Both are part of “Lansing Green.” One is a Same-As-Cash Program (SAC). This is an unsecured consumer installment loan with no payments or interests when paid in full during the SAC period, and no down payment requirement. The minimum loan amount is 1,000 and a maximum loan amount of $45,000. There is a one net direct deposit of loan proceeds to your business bank account upon job completion. The loan-by-phone, paperless application is available 7 days a week and results in a credit decision in about 10 minutes.

The Zero Interest Loan Program (ZIL) is also an unsecured consumer installment loan with equal monthly payments at no interest. There is a $3,500 minimum and a $45,000 maximum loan amount. One direct deposit payment of loan proceeds to your business account upon job completion.

With both Same-As-Cash and the Zero Interest Loan programs there is No Recourse to you for defaulted loan payments.

So, how can YOU qualify to participate in the Lansing Green program? It starts with making a commitment to implement best practices that we will teach you and your sales team. Then, it’s even more important to follow through by executing them every day. Learn, commit, and execute – it’s that simple.

Ask your LBP rep about attending the next webinar and learn how the Lansing Green program can significantly improve your company’s sales success.